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KNEE on Trac

The Knee on Trac technology is based on non-invasive therapy for knee pain, offering a healing alternative for people who live with chronic knee pain.

KNEE on Trac

This system is designed to isolate the knee and provide safe mechanical traction that is expected to decrease pain by decreasing the inflammation, increasing the range of motion, and allowing re-hydration. All these will eventually speed up the healing process.

Knee on Trac is a decompression/traction system that isolates the knee joint while gently stretching the knee joint. This process, over the course of several weeks, can improve the knee joint’s flexibility and mobility. ​ It also reduces pain by increasing the space in the knee joint (arthritis and degeneration narrow the joint space) and increases the volume of fluid in and around the knee, while improving the “screw home mechanism” (SHM) which reduces stress on the knee. The screw home mechanism of the knee joint is a critical mechanism that plays an important role in the extension and locking of the knee. ​ There are no needles, there is no surgery, and no drugs of any kind required for this type of knee pain treatment. ​ In some cases, our doctors may recommend combining knee traction with manual therapy, cold laser therapy, or pulsewave therapy which can increase blood flow and promote healing in the knee. At-home exercises may also be recommended.

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